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List of Patients, Smallpox Hospital, Mounthooly
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  List of Patients, Smallpox Hospital, Mounthooly, Aberdeen
Aberdeen City Archives


Mounthooly smallpox hospital list of patients, 1872 - 1875 Mounthooly smallpox hospital was a temporary hospital, opened to deal with the smallpox epidemics that afflicted Aberdeen in the early 1870s.  As the managers of Aberdeen Royal Infirmary could not  provide accommodation for the number of inhabitants infected with the disease in December 1871, responsibility fell to Aberdeen Town Council as the local authority under the Public Health (Scotland) Act 1867.  The Town Council opened the hospital in January 1872 in adapted premises at Mounthooly formerly occupied by the Bon-Accord Chemical Light Company.  The hospital was placed under the management of the Medical Officer of Health and initially employed 14 members of staff.

The hospital remained in use only during epidemics: from January to August 1872, April to  October 1874, and December 1874 to 16 June 1875.  By the outbreak of the next smallpox epidemic in July 1877 a permanent hospital for infectious diseases, later known as the City Hospital, had been erected by the Town Council.  The temporary hospital buildings at Mounthooly were sold off in 1882.

The register is primarily of interest to those pursuing family history.  It provides details of the four hundred inhabitants admitted to the hospital during in the epidemics, including whether or not the patient died.  As the register also notes the occupation and place of residence of each patient, it can also be used to trace the progress of the disease through families in the crowded courts of Victorian Aberdeen, the status of those affected and the level of mortality in each outbreak.

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