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The purpose of the Digital Archive is to make digital images of historical records available online. Between 1999 and 2003 The Scottish Archive Network project experimented with ways of making digital and electronic versions of historical records available online. The results of these experiments can be seen in the Virtual Vault, Exhibitions and in other parts of the site. They mostly rely on relatively low quality images and might eventually be replaced by better version on one of the National Archives of Scotland websites.
See a comprehensive list of digital and electronic versions of Scottish historical records created by the SCAN project in the Digital Archive – a selection.

Or go to one of the following areas of the site:

Exhibitions - on a variety of subjects compiled by SCAN or its participating archives.

Education Modules - aimed mainly at pupils studying Scottish History in school.

Emigration Records - records relating to emigration from Scotland, including an index of Highlands & Islands Emigration Society passenger lists.

Virtual Vault - images of Scottish historical records, arranged by type of record.

Local History week - images of Scottish historical records donated by some of SCAN's participating archives during Local History Week in 2002.