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  Cess book for the County of Lanarkshire, 1724-1725
South Lanarkshire Archives (CO1/6/1)


Introduction - Cess book for the County of Lanarkshire, 1724-1725

The Commissioners of Supply were a forerunner of the County Council, establised in the late 17th century to collect the cess - a land tax -although they later acquired a number of responsibilities and functions.The Commissioners were a committee of landowners who would appoint a Collector of Supply with responsibility for overseeing the gathering of the tax. In 1722 James Hamilton - the creator of this document - was appointed Collector of Supply for Lanarkshire.

This volume is one of a number which came to light in 1998 in the cupboard of a former Education Resource Centre, where they had lain in brown paper parcels since being gifted to Lanark County Council by Lord Hamilton of Dalziel in 1941. The minutes of Lanarkshire Commissioners of Supply were already preserved with the County archive at Glasgow City Archives (reference CO1/1), but the cess books give a range of detail on land ownership across the whole of Lanarkshire. Arranged by parish, individual farms and properties are listed with their valuations.


The volume consist of a total of 248 pages though only 124 images are displayed in the 'Virtual Vault'. Both sides of the page were originally imaged but only the left hand side of these pages is displayed here. This is because the left hand side contains the most important information - property and valuation information - whilst the right hand side contains a record of when the payment was made. To see an example of a right hand side page, click here.

Click on any of the following to take you to a particular parish in the volume. Alternatively, start at page 1 and work your way through the volume. Please note that these images are large (approx 150-200k) and may take some time to download.

Contents (Page + Parish)

1. Dalserf
3. Stonehouse
5. Glassford
7. Avondale & Hamilton
9. Hamilton
13. Blantyre
17. Kilbride
29. Carmunnock
35. Govan
37. Barony
47. Calder
51. Old Monkland
61. Shotts
69. Bothwell
71. Bothwell Town
75. Dalziel
77. Cambusnethan
79. Carluke
85. Lanark
92. Carstairs
98. Carnwath
100. Dunsyre, Walston & Dolphinton
102. Biggar
104. Coulter, Lamington & Crawford
108. Crawfordjohn
110. Roberton, Wiston, Symington & Thankerton
112. Thankerton, Covington & Pettinain
114. Carmichael & Douglas
116. Lesmahagow