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  Minute Book of Wick Harbour Trust 1880-1886 (WHT/A/1)
North Highland Archive

Introduction - Wick Harbour Trust Records

The following is intended to give an idea of what is available in the Harbour Trust archives, as well as a brief background to the institution itself.

It is an extensive collection, and many sections date right back to the inception of the Trust.  The original draft survey list which has been in use has now been corrected and superceded. Although the material arrived in two separate deposits, in 1996 and 1999, the catalogue which will shortly be available is an amalgamation of the two.  It does not contain shipping registers, which are held here in the Customs and Excise collection (qv[1]).[2] Overall, the WHT material is administrative and ranges from correspondence and staff diaries to legal documents and financial accounts.

The Wick and Pulteneytown Harbour Trust took over responsibility for Pulteneytown estates, harbours and works from the British Fisheries Society in 1879, with activity commencing in earnest in early 1880. Only a small amount of material survives from the BFS administration.[3] As the WHT expanded, three separate areas of responsibility emerge and are reflected in the records: Harbour Secretary, Treasurer and Engineer, with their respective departments. All reported directly to the Trustees. Despite the recent decline in maritime activity in Wick, the Trust continues its work. Further deposits might be expected in the future.

[1] Shipping registers have now been transcribed by a volunteer (Peter Bruce) to make available a file giving vessel names, vessel numbers, owners, masters, harbours and dates of operation.
[2] However, individual ship or boat owners sometimes wrote to the Trust over payment of rent on their house or dues on their vessels.  If an accident took place in or near the harbour letters were often exchanged if one party was seeking damages.
[3] British Fisheries Society archives are in Edinburgh: split between the Edinburgh City Library and the National Archives of Scotland.

This original volume of minutes contained 681 pages but only the first 100 pages are available for viewing here. You are therefore advised to start with page 1 and then page through the images. Please note that these images are large (between 150k and 220k) and could take some considerable time to download depending on the speed of your Internet connection.