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  Perthshire Highway Commissioners minutes, 1765-1786
Perth & Kinross Council Archives (CC1/2/1/1)

Introduction - Perthshire Highway Commissioners Minute Book, 1765-1786 (CC1 2/1/1)

Perth & Kinross Council Archive holds various records relating to the administration of roads within Perthshire and Kinross-shire. Some of the earlier material relating to roads is found among the Quarter Session Minute Books of the Justices of the Peace for the County of Perth, but from 1765 the main source of information is the minutes of the Perthshire Highway Commissioners.

Repairs and alterations to existing roads, the provision of new bridges and arches, or the repair of decayed ones, are, of course, the sort of items of business which you would expect to find discussed and there is plenty for local historians to get their teeth into. Geographically it takes in parts of the  county of Perth now administered from Stirling and even that detached part of Perthshire on the Forth long since transferred to Fife. In addition there are occasional references to matters that seem unconnected to the administration of the county roads. A mob rioting at Mylnefield near Invergowrie in 1773 features, as do references to the upkeep of poor prisoners and payments to the master of the workhouse. It is probable that, as the Justices of the Peace and the Commissioners of Supply for Perthshire made up the membership of the Highways Commission, they were tempted to deal with other matters while they were all gathered together. In 1771 there is even a marginal note which explains that the adjacent entry should have been put in the Quarter Sessions minute, but was in the highway commissioners minute by mistake.

The Highway Commissioners, along with the Commissioners of Supply and Justices of the Peace, acted as a forum for county opinion in political matters (mainly reflecting the views of landowners and industrialists in the county), petitioning parliament on a host of issues, including the encouragement of the linen trade, the repeal of the laws on whisky distillation by small distillers, and the Commissioners were quick to send a loyal address in support of the king and prime minister Pitt during the political crisis in January 1784. Although the Commissioners' activities and their ability to spend money on anything but roads and bridges was limited by statute, the minutes show that they were adept at using one local budget - Rogue Money, which was collected by the Commissioners of Supply, and supposedly spent mainly on capturing escaped prisoners.

It is hoped that by including a selection of images from this volume in the “Virtual Vault” its value for the study of this area will be appreciated by a wider audience.


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bridge building and repairs, 17, 22, 25, 27, 29, 31, 37, 39, 46, 60, 76, 79, 80-1, 91, 149, 165, 200, 202, 215-6, 247, 263, 298, 305, 326-7, 329
bridges at:
- Bridge of Earn, 17, 47
- Dunning, 22
- Glenlyon, 29, 44
- East Bridge of Almond, 202
- Coupar Angus, 215
- Balquhidder and Strathyre, 216
- Bridge of Allan, 263
- Blairgowrie, 360

Crime and disorder
overseer threatened, 103
riot at Mylnefield, 112, 116-7, 159
subscription society to detect and prosecute crime, proposal for a, 103
suppression of smuggling, 335

Broadwater Ferry (River Earn), 98
highways, bridges and ferries bill for County of Perth, 267, 278, 280
passage boats on Tay and Tummell, 29

Linen industry,
encouragement of, see under Parliamentary Activity

Lint mill
construction of a dam at Blairgowrie for, 360

Justice of the Peace
business recorded in minutes by mistake, 85, 149
prisoners detained by JPs in Perth, 235

Maps and Plans
County plan box, 306
Scobie's plan of the county, 204, 306
Taylor and Skinner's road maps, 160

to Patrick Murray, late sheriff clerk, 235

Parliamentary activity
estuary rivers and firths, bill to ascertain limits of, 279
highways, bridges and ferries bills and acts, 60, 70, 78, 80, 85, 267, 278, 280
judges in court of session, bill for augmenting salaries of, 336
linen trade, encouragement of, 114, 188, 220, 286
loyal address to king and government, 284
militia bill, 252
schoolmasters' salaries, bill for increasing etc, 298
whisky distillation, 161, 191, 202, 252, 267, 275, 306, 334

Prisons, prisoners etc
bread for poor prisoners in Perth Tollbooth, 277
prisoners detained by JPs in Perth, 235

building or repair of: 25, 27, 29, 31, 37, 39-40, 44, 46-7, 76, 84, 90, 98, 160, 162, 165, 182, 215-6, 247, 264-5, 268, 276, 298, 320, 328, 360
claims for damages or loss during road building, 76, 247
road closures or alterations due to farm enclosures, 134, 165, 297, 298
roads around:
- Loch Tay and Glen Lyon, 29, 44, 47, 276, 298
- Sheriffmuir, 39
roads from: Blair Atholl to Braemar, 27
- Blairgowrie to Kirkmichael, 265
- Bridge of Dalrulzion to Kirkmichael, 27
- Comrie to Dunblane, 268
- Crieff to Lochearnhead, 264
- Culross to Alloa, 31
- Dunkeld to Dundee, 27, 165
- Perth to Blairgowrie, 27
- Perth to Bridge of Earn, 40
- Perth to Crieff, 25, 98
- Perth to Dundee, 31, 46, 162
- Perth to Dunkeld, 27

Rogue money, uses of:
bread for poor prisoners at Perth Tollbooth, 277, 334
compensation for damages caused by riots, 159
publicising acts relating to vagrants and poor, 334
rewards to constable and others for quelling riots, 116
rewards to constable for imposing road acts, 133
to master of Perth workhouse, 22
to clerk for keeping county plan box, 306
work to amend distilling laws, 267, 306

Royal Navy
bounties for men joining, 203

Statute labour laws and road acts
overseer's conduct investigated, 112
prosecution for refusal to perform statute labour, 103
prosecution for threatening overseer, 103
publicising laws relating to highways etc, 120, 133
publicising laws relating to vagrants and poor, 334
rewards for constables for imposing road acts, 133
road acts: 60, 70, 267, 280
services of inhabitants of Perth, 47

activity to amend laws against small stills, see under Parliamentary Activity