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  Kilsyth Heritors' Minutes (transcripts) 1813-1844
North Lanarkshire Council Archives (UK1/4/1)


Heritors were a parish body, usually made up of landowners, who were responsible for the upkeep of the parish church and manse, and the payment of the minister's stipend. They had responsibility for maintaining the parish school and paying for a schoolmaster. In addition to this, they were expected to make provision for the poor.

Meetings of Kilsyth Heritors took place at Kilsyth Church where parish matters were discussed and decisions made concerning necessary expenditure. However, in addition to this expenditure, it was not unusual for some of the heritors to provide additional money to those in the parish most in need. For example, Rev. William Burns, minister, in 1841 mentions the "private beneficence" of the main landowner, Sir Archibald Edmonstone of Duntreath, and goes on to say, "The principal heritor now generally resides in the parish, though he has been two years absent in England: and the residence of such a landlord is a mighty blessing to the poor." (1)

(1) From the New Statistical Account of Scotland, vol. 8

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1 Valuation of Kilsyth, 1836
2 December 1813
6 February 1814
12 January 1815
21 January 1816
31 January 1817
42 January 1818
45 February 1819
62 February 1820
68 April 1821
73 January 1822
75 April 1823
79 January 1824
86 April 1825
90 April 1826
95 April 1827
98 April 1828
103 April 1829
110 May 1830
112 April 1831
117 February 1832
120 March 1833
125 April 1834
128 April 1835
132 April 1836
136 April 1837
139 May 1836
142 January 1838
148 January 1839
153 April 1840
160 April 1841
166 April 1842
173 February 1843
185 January 1844