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  Rev. James Wallace: A Description of the Isles of Orkney, 1684
The Orkney Library and Archive MS (DO88)


Manuscript of Rev. James Wallace’s A Description of the Isles of Orkney

The Reverend James Wallace graduated from King’s College, Aberdeen in 1659. He was presented to Lady Parish, Sanday ten years later and in 1672 he became minister in Kirkwall where he remained until his death      from fever in 1688. The monument he erected in memory of his wife and children can be seen against the south wall in St Magnus Cathedral. He left 100 marks for the use of the church which was used to purchase two communion cups for St Magnus. It is suspected that it was James Wallace who suggested to William Baikie that he should bequeath his library to Kirkwall thus founding, in 1683, the Bibliotheck of Kirkwall, the oldest public library in Scotland and precursor of The Orkney Library and Archive.

This manuscript, dated 1684, is an early version of A Description of the Isles of Orkney which was published by James Wallace’s son in 1693, some five years after the author’s death. It is 84 pages in length and illustrated on thirteen pages by twenty-two pen and ink drawings, including a full-page sketch of St Magnus Cathedral.  Inscriptions within indicate that in 1698 it was in the possession of Mr Thomas Baikie, minister of Kirkwall, ; was gifted by George Baikie in 1833 to his friend Thomas Stewart Traill, son of yet another minister of Kirkwall and later editor of Encyclopedia Britannica.

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Page Title
1 Chapter 1st: The nature off the countrey & Chief Products yroff
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11 Chapter 2d: of Plants animals metalls & Substances cast up by the sea etc.
18 Chapter 3d: off forrests rivers, lochs etc. What moon causeth high water
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19 Chapter 4th: The Ancient Monuments & Curiousities of this Countrey
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27 Chapter 5th: The peculiar customs, manners & Dispositions of the Inhabitants of this Countrey
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33 Chapter 6th: off the Accidents that have fallen out in this Countrey
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36 Chapter 7th: of the Toun off Krkwall
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37 Chapter 8th: The Severall Wayes how Orkne hath been a Honorarie Title
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41 Chapter 9th: The Ancient & Present State off the Church off Orkney
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48 Chapter 10th: of the Plantation of the Christian faith in Orkney & off the Bishops thereof
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61 Chapter 11th: The Present Ministers of Orkney, with their Stipends & Revenues
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66 Chapter 12th: The Historie of the first Plantation of the Iles of Orkney & of the Ancient and Present Possessors of them
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82 Chapter 13th: The Present government of Orkney
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