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  Court Records

Here we have a selection of court records relating to high profile or informative cases:

1857 Indictment of Madeleine Smith for murder.
Click here to see the first three pages of the printed indictment of Madeleine Smith for murder. The original indictment is in the records of the Lord Advocate's Department is the National Archives of Scotland (reference : AD2/28).
For more information about Madeleine Smith and her trial for murder go to the Knowledge Base.

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1770 Extract of Warrant for the arrest of John Paul (Jones)
John Paul Jones was accused of the death of a ship's carpenter in Kirkcudbright in 1770. He was imprisoned in the town's Tolbooth but later released on bail. He then returned to America and became a national hero for the part he played in the Revolutionary War.

The original documents relating to the arrest and imprisonment of John Paul Jones are in the records of Kirkcudbright Sheriff Court held by the National Archives of Scotland (reference: SC16/28/5)

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