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  Railway Records

image of railway engine

Minute Book of Railway Company
The opening page from the minute book of the Highland Railway Company, 1865 (National Archives of Scotland, reference BR/HR/1/1).
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Technical and Other Reports
A report by Captain Tyler to the Board of Trade on the completion of the Duke of Sutherland's Railway (National Archives of Scotland, reference BR/DKS/4/1).
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Transcript of a paper read before the British Association at Dundee, in September, 1867, on The Construction and Works of the Highland Railway, by Joseph Mitchell, Chief Engineer of the Highland Railway (National Archives of Scotland, reference BR/HR/4/100).
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Technical Drawings
A gradient profile for the Highland Railway line at Dalwhinnie (National Archives of Scotland, reference RHP38311/8).
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Architectural drawings for a new booking hall for Inverness station and a station building for (National Archives of Scotland, reference RHP15154 and RHP15174).
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Posters and Notices
A selection of posters from railway company records.
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A selection of photographs from railway company records and other sources, mostly relating to the Highland Railway.
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A wider range of photographs (both historical and modern) relating to the Highland Railway can be found in the North By Northwest exhbition.
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Timetables, Guides and Operational Records
From the 1860s until the 1960s railway timetables (and published railway guides were elaborate volumes, with handy maps, illustrations, adverts for hotels and tours and other useful information.
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View pages from Highland Railway Service Timetable for 1881 >>
View pages from the ABC Railway Tourist Guide for 1907 >>

Tickets and Ephemera
Railway company records often contain samples of tickets and other ephemera, and many more such items are collected by private enthusiasts and museums.
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