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Source 4A shows part of a private letter from Margaret to her son Sandy.

The letter criticises a suffrage demonstration and suggests women are not putting their home first.

Read the transcript below, then answer the following questions.


1. Why does the author of this letter want "to weep"?

2. What is the attitude of the author towards women's suffrage?

3. Why is this source useful in showing us the views of ordinary people towards the women's suffrage movement?
Dundee University Archives, MS82/4/15/11
21 Streathbourne Rd
Upper Tooting, Surrey
9th Oct 1907

My dearest Sandy,
We were all delighted with your welcome letter & its good news. I was so glad you and Father enjoyed a little time together in Edinburgh. I am sure Auntie would be very glad to see you both. Your description of the Suffragists was most realistic & makes one feel more and more there is something going sadly wrong with our nation. To see such women parade the streets makes one feel as if they could weep for the degradation of their sex. The Socialistic movement appals me. I feel there is growing up around us a force that some day may bring destruction to our nation. I often ask "who is to blame for all this"? & I think at the bottom it is because as a nation, we are putting Gold first and God second - pleasure first and duty second - & it seems to point back very strongly to the fact that when women do not make Home the first centre of their abilities they put aside the crown that God has given them - & as a nation's stronghold is its homes, those neglected - woe betide the nation.

What a good thing you learned in time not to be taken in again with 19/gold watches etc!! A walk down Princess Street seeing its tempting shop windows is very fascinating and refreshing. I know how many ideas we get from what we see here & what a help it is in working out things. When in Leeds I went to the School of Art Exhibition & afterwards took Blackburn to see the same. He was greatly delighted. I would have liked to have taken lessons in Woodcarving but they did not happen at a time that suited well his other studies. He seemed much stronger & I hope will keep well so as thoroughly to enjoy his studies.

Uncle, Aunt and Blair called out on Sunday afternoon. They were all most kind and asking for you and Isobel. I was so glad to hear of their visit. Father came home last night looking wonderfully fresh. He told me how well he had been received by Mr Lee & all about their nice talk afterwards. I often feel as if God went before and prepared the way for Father, there have been so many things to comfort and encourage him.

We were most interested to hear of the nice present Isobel gave you of a reading lamp -m also of Mr & Mrs Johnson's " " book. You will be setting up with quite a nice library. The two vols of Scotts have arrived & look quite tempting. What a good plan to put on the tie nurse you when you went to Edinbro'. It would please her very much -

I will give you the particulars you want in reference to your Father's Burgess Ticket. "At Glasgow the 27th day of April 1893. These certify that James Wilson Woollen Manufacturer, Alva having on the above date paid this freedom fine as son of James Wilson was duly admitted a member of the Incorporation of Bakers, Glasgow & became entitled to all the rights, liberties and privileges thereof, & he bound himself to be a faithful member of the said Incorporation & to obey all the lawful acts made and to be made for the benefit thereof.

William Gardener, Deacon

Robert Izatt, Collector

James Ness, Clerk "

These are all the particulars on the Burgess Ticket, only of course there is on the top the Glasgow Coat of Arms & other two crests or coats.

I will enclose your Birth Certificate & hope these include all the needful information. Warmest love and very best wishes from us all,
From your loving Mother
Margaret M Wilson
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