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Why women wanted the vote
The suffragists
The suffragettes
The opposition
The First World War
Credit - Glasgow City Archive
There were many people, especially men, who opposed votes for women from the start. They felt women should remain at home and continue with their domestic duties.

Many felt women lacked the education necessary to vote and they believed politics should not concern women. Many thought increasingly militant suffragette actions undermined the women's case for the vote.

There is one source in this section.

Source 4A
Click to view Source 4A
Source 4A shows part of a private letter from Margaret to her son Sandy. The letter criticises a suffrage demonstration and suggests women are not putting their home first.

Click to enlarge the image, then answer the following questions.


  1. Why does the author of this letter want "to weep"?

  2. What is the attitude of the author towards women's suffrage?

  3. Why is this source useful in showing us the views of ordinary people towards the women's suffrage movement?
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