Burial and death registers of other protestant churches

The records of churches other than the Church of Scotland and the Catholic Church, are held by a variety of archives and by churches themselves. The National Archives of Scotland (NAS) hold the kirk session records of presbyterian churches (such as the Free Church, United Free Church, Anti-Burgher Church, etc). Some kirk session records are held by local authority archives under charge and superintendence (i.e. under special conditions laid down by the Keeper of the Records of Scotland). sometimes kirk session records contain registers of baptisms, marriages and burials. The surviving records of other churches can sometimes also be found either in the National Archives of Scotland (NAS) or in local authority archives. The NAS hold records of the Society of Friends or ‘Quakers’ (CH10), Methodists (CH11), Episcopal Church (CH12), Congregational churches (CH14), and Unitarians (CH15). However, important collections of Episcopal, Methodist and Congregationalist church records have been deposited in local authority archives in recent years, especially in Glasgow City Archives. The survival of death or burial registers for these churches is patchy.