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Location of historical records

County Council records
The records of Argyll County Council and its predecessors are held by Argyll & Bute Council Archives.

County Constabulary records
Some records of the Argyll County Constabulary are held by Argyll and Bute Council Archives, while others are among the records of Strathclyde Police, held by Glasgow City Archives.

Valuation Rolls
Assessors' rolls for Argyll for the period 1855 to 1989 are held by the National Archives of Scotland. Glasgow City Archives hold an incomplete set from 1872 to 1960. Argyll and Bute Council Archives hold rolls for the period 1858-1989.

Medical Officer of Health Reports
Annual reports of the Medical Officer of Health for the County of Argyll are held, for the period 1891-1972, by the National Archives of Scotland. Argyll & Bute Council Archives hold an almost complete set of reports from 1891 until 1972.

Vehicle Licensing records
The records of Argyll County Vehicle Licensing Authority are held partly by Argyll & Bute Council Archives and partly by the Kithead Trust, Droitwich Spa (for further details see the Knowledge Base entry on Vehicle Licensing).