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Things to bear in mind
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  Family History

Welcome to the Scottish Archive Network family history pages. Genealogy, or family history as it is more commonly known, is becoming increasingly popular. Whether you are a complete beginner or already an avid researcher, this section is sure to assist you. The information, compiled by professional archivists in Scotland, provides detailed examples on:

What to do at home:

Practical tips about starting your family history, and how to use the internet for your research - the information is here, whether you live in Scotland or abroad.

Things to bear in mind:

Are you having difficulty with your research? This area outlines the difficulties you might experience and explains key concepts for effective genealogical research

Key sources of information:

The three principal types of record used by family history researchers in Scotland are described here. So now you can trace your family tree back to the early 1800s.

My ancestor was…:

Was your great grandfather a policeman, or your distant aunt a nurse? Use this area for information on how to trace records relating to these professions and others.

Family group in Pollokshields, an affluent suburb of Glasgow, c.1890 Reproduced with permission of Glasgow City Archives.