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 The Horrid Sinne of Witchcraft: the Scottish witch-hunt in burgh records
  Sentence of death - justiciary court's execution warrant

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Warrant from the Lords Commissioners of Justiciary to the magistrates of Dumfries burgh to execute Elspeth Thomsone and Jonet McMuldroche, who had been found guilty of witchcraft. Dated 16 May 1671 (Dumfries & Galloway Council Archives, reference DUMFM:1935.49)

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Jonet McMuldroche and Elspeth Thomsone were found guilty of witchcraft at a Court of Justiciary held in the Tolbooth of Dumfries on 15 May 1671. The warrant orders that they be taken to the place of execution in Dumfries between 2pm and 4pm on Thursday 18 May 1671, and to be strangled to death and the bodies burnt to ashes.