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 An Exhibition Produced by Angus Archives
  Margaret Speid - A Dutiful Daughter, Montrose 1840's

Image of sketch of Margaret Speid Image of Valentine's card

Margaret Speid was born in 1802, the eldest daughter of Robert Speid of Ardovie. The family inherited a small estate near Brechin but had very little money. Margaret shared the fate of many eldest daughters: she was expected to help care for all the other members of the family. When her youngest sister Helen was sent to school in Edinburgh, Margaret accompanied her to assist Aunt Catherine in looking after Helen and the three brothers already at Edinburgh.

Her letters home to her mother in Ardovie are full of rich domestic details about food, clothes, travelling, her home, and family squabbles. They provide an insight into late Georgian family life.

After her father's death in 1846 Margaret continued to live with and care for her mother in Crieff. She never married. Amongst the many letters that have survived both to and by her, there is only one hint of any romance with a mysterious visitor.

After her mother's death she returned to Ardovie to act as housekeeper for her unmarried brother John. She outlived all but one of her brothers and died of heart disease, alone at Ardovie in 1860.

Angus Archives MS 413