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  Margaret Scott- The Housekeeper, Montrose 1770's

Image of inventory of house furnishings Image of recipe for orange wine

Margaret Scott of Commieston was one of the large tribe of Scotts who intermarried and consolidated land holdings all around Montrose. She married her cousin James Scott of Logie in 1763 and settled in Newmanswalls House near Montrose. In the event of his death it was intended to be her dower house, along with a house in Montrose. She did not get to enjoy her dower house long as her husband's heir, Robert Mill ensured that she was dispossessed. She referred to him in her letters as 'the Beast'.

She had been the mistress of a fine house as shown by the inventory of Newmanswalls furnishings. As the lady of the house she supervised food preparation but would have rarely cooked in person. Some of her special recipes have survived, including orange wine and kitted salmon. The Scott family were all involved in salmon fishing. Lady Logie's kitted salmon recipe was as innovation of the 1770's. Prior to the 1770's salmon was most commonly salt pickled in 42 gallon barrels. Latterly it was cured and packed in 40lb wooden kits or tubs.

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