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  Miss Dick - An Excellent Teacher, Ferryden 1873

Image of school timetable

Annie Dick was appointed teacher to Ferryden Infant School on 30 December 1874. It had previously been run by a private trust but under the terms of the 1873 Education Act it became the responsibility of the County Council.

She had 48 boys and 67 girls under her care with the assistance of a pupil teacher and a monitor - a ratio of 1:38. She found the children noisy and unruly and the school in need of complete re-organisation.

Miss Dick set about making up a timetable and arranged the children into classes by ability. As most of the 100 pupils did not have books or slates she needed to acquire these urgently.

Many hard pressed fisherfolk tried to have their young children enrolled in the overcrowded school. On 19 March 1875 the School Board authorised Miss Dick to dismiss 63 children under the age of 5. Many parents were very dissatisfied.

At the school's first inspection in 1875 it was praised for its "unusually good appearance, which is the result of exceptional ability, energy and fidelity in the teacher."

Miss Dick herself was singled out as an excellent teacher. She had made tremendous achievements in improving the educational standards for the young children of the parish despite the school having an insufficient number of staff.

Miss Dick left Ferryden Infant School in February 1877.

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