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Mearnskirk Hospital - An Exhibition Produced by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow

Further Reading - Mearnskirk Hospital

If you would like to find out more about Mearnskirk Hospital, the following publications may be useful:-

Mearnskirk Hospital for Children (a pamphlet), Corporation of Glasgow Public Health Department, Glasgow, 1932, issued on the occasion of the Duchess of York (Queen Mother) visit, (reference: RCPSG 52/7/4)

Mearnskirk Another Six Years (1955-60) (a brochure)
issued for the Garden Fete 13 May 1961 (reference: RCPSG 7/19/3/1-3)

Mearnskirk Hospital 1930-55: A Pictorial Album Illustrating the Life and Work of the Hospital. Mearnskirk Hospital, Glasgow, 1955.
Issued for the Garden Fete and Silver Jubilee, May 1955 (reference: RCPSG 7/12/3/1-3)

Primary Sources

Many of the records of Mearnskirk Hospital, Renfrewshire, are held by the Greater Glasgow Health Board Archive (reference HB 64). For further information visit the GGHB website at

Further Reading - Tuberculosis in Scotland

Lister Ward, Martin Goldman (ed.), Bristol Hilger c. 1987

"Declined into a Profitable Consumption": The Tuberculosis Sanatorium in Scotland, Harriet Richardson in The Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland, Journal 16, 1989


To find out more about the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, please visit their website.