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  Betty Jamieson - Brechin 1931

Image of drawings by Betty Jamieson Image of letter written by Betty Jamieson

Betty Jamieson was the daughter of Charles and Isa Jamieson, formerly of Brechin. Betty wrote many letters to her father during separations. Betty and her mother frequently spent holidays in Brechin with Uncle Willie at the Clydesdale Bank House. Betty would write to her father in London, enclosing drawings with her letters. Her letters are written in a neat childish hand and tell stories about the activities and thoughts of Pooh Bear. They are warm and affectionate letters.

In 1929 when Betty was only 9 years old she wrote the following to her father:

My Dear Father,
Thank you very much for the P.C. you sent me, they were really cockneys. Pooh would like to know when Master is coming so as he can count the days on his paws till Master comes. It has been very wet in Brechin since Wednesday afternoon. But Uncle Willie is planning to take us somewhere if it keeps fine. Yesterday morning I went through to the Bank to count some money. Give my love and Poohs love to the 2 Pussies and Granny Aunt Kate and Aunt Molly.
Now I must stop as I have got to leave room for Mother to add something.
With love
Yours affectionately
Betty. 17 August

Angus Archives MS473