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Revealing Women
North by Northwest
Trade Cards
Herbal Remedies
Mearnskirk Hospital
Horrid Sinne of Witchcraft
Slavery and Glasgow
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This exhibition space is dedicated to displaying a selection of some of the riches held by archives around Scotland. Use the menu on the left to visit our current exhibitions.

Part of a programme of events taking place to mark Black History Month in October 2002, Slavery and Glasgow aims to showcase the collections held by Glasgow City Archives and Special Collections which relate to black history in general and slavery in particular. This online exhibition is a version of a larger exhibition, which can be seen at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow in the month of October 2002.

Here you can also:

  • read about how Scottish burghs pursued those accused of witchcraft in the 17th century in the Horrid Sinne of Witchcraft taken from documents held by Dumfries & Galloway Archives
  • see an exhibition on a children's TB Hospital in Renfrewshire - 'Mearnskirk Hospital'
  • find out more about the people and places of the Highland Railway, past and present, in 'North by Northwest'.
  • learn the story of the women of Angus through the ages in 'Revealing Women'
  • discover how herbal remedies were exchanged by the gentry and nobility in centuries past.
  • look at the public face and products of Scottish companies from the 19th and 20th centuries as portrayed in their trade cards and letterheads.

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