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  Jemima Hay - A Little Fancy Writing, Arbroath 1873

Image of document written by Rev Joseph Hay

Rev Joseph Hay left details of how he wished his young daughter Jemima to be educated in the event of his death. He wished her to learn her 3 R's and believed that " a little fancy writing would be good" for her.

French, music, drawing and painting were considered essential, as was a good knowledge of optics and astronomy. He specifically forbade dancing as being "beneath their dignity as Sons of God".

He dictated her behaviour in other aspects of life: "She is never to be absent from Worship and to be in her seat before it [the sermon] begin." He did not mind her reading history for pleasure but recommended church history rather than accounts of the wars of ungodly men. He strictly forbade her to read about geology, which he believed was conjectural and dangerous.

Hay wished every hour to be filled profitably. Her time was to be spent in ministering to the poor and to the "poor ignorant perishing souls." Jemima was to be guarded against frivolous talk nor was she to spend time in the company of any family where God was not worshipped. Outward adornment was also forbidden. Jemima was not to plait her hair or to wear gold.

We do not know if Jemima followed all of her father's instructions.

Angus Archives MS 541/136