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  Isa Cunningham - Brechin, 1916

Image of letters written by Isa Cunningham

Isa Cunningham lived in the Clydesdale Bank House, Brechin. She was engaged to Charles Jamieson, a Brechiner who worked in London. They conducted a long distance engagement and the romance was kept alive by the mail. Isa wrote Charles 30 page letters almost every week. She kept him informed of local events and friends plus the progress of arrangements for the wedding.

Isa reassured Charles on 20 January 1915 that she did not care whether he could buy her expensive presents or not "You know I am not fond of much jewellery. I think I have about enough to last me all my life. I like a few things and I like them good. I don't like a lot of showy things. And I have got such a beauty of a ring that I can never be ashamed of".

Many of the letters informed Charles of wedding gifts received. Isa became quite obsessed about the lack of a toast rack and salt and peppers.

"I have written thanking her [Mrs Stark]. It was most kind. But this is now my 4th case of afternoon tea knives. Why does no one think of a toast rack or salts and peppers!! for a change."

Charles and Isa married on 1st June 1915 in Glasgow and honeymooned at Lake Windermere. They spent the rest of their lives in London but continued to visit Brechin regularly with their children, Betty and Willie.

Angus Archives MS 473