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Sugested Answers
Suggested answers for the on-line questions are provided below. To allow for differentiation, worksheets are provided at Standard Grade Foundation / Access 3 levels.

Source 1A

1 Janet worked 12 hours a day. All night Friday and came up at 12 in the day i.e.31 hours

2 Creel was a hundredweight.

3 Did not enjoy job. She never had a liking for the work and "father makes me like it."

4 Isabella fell asleep due to heat and fatigue.

5 She was uncomfortable because she was frequently in water up to the calves of her legs. When weather was warm she had difficulty breathing

6 Points of agreement:
She works ten and fourteen hours daily
Her father took Agnes and her sister into the mine
She says the lassies hate the work

Source 1B

1 The putters drag or push the carts containing the coal from the coal wall to the pit bottom

2 Primary source from time children worked in mines
Official report to Children's Employment Commission, likely to be accurate
Describes some of work done by children
Limited in that it only describes the work of putters

Source 2A

Name of Person InjuredDescription of Injury
Robert Sneddon (brother of Mary Sneddon)Piece of roof fell on head. Killed instantly
Robert RussellA hutchie passed over his body and crushed him
William BlairCrushed to death by a falling stone from the roof

Source 2B

1 John Findlay died on 28th December 1895

2 He died between ten and eleven o'clock forenoon

3 A large stone fell on him from the roof of a seam in No 8 Pit. He was killed instantly

4 Source 2B is reliable as evidence of dangers for miners in the late nineteenth century because;
* Primary source written at the time when miners were exposed to danger in the pits.
* A report from a Fatal Accident Inquiry, therefore likely to be accurate.
* Tells us about the death of John Findlay
* Limited - only tells us about the death of one miner.

Source 3A

1 Each pitman was expected to work at least 5 full days each week.

2 The workman was responsible for the upkeep of the house, although the employer would look after the roof.

3 Primary source from the late nineteenth century when miners were working underground Agreement between owner of Donibristle Colliery and his workmen Tells us about hours of work and other conditions Limitation: does not mention pay

Source 3B

1 A miner was expected to work ten days a fortnight.

2 They agree that the house was to be given up when the miner left their job. Source 3A says "such possession shall terminate absolutely on the expiry of said contract" and Source 3B says the house "shall be quitted whenever the work is left".

3 Miners were expected to obey the instructions of the overseer without using abusive language

Source 4A

1 The house has a sloping ceiling. This looks low and damp as wallpaper is falling off. It has a small window and a big fireplace. The inhabitants eat and sleep in the same room. There is not much furniture.

2. Primary evidence from 1930s
Photograph that shows conditions inside a house
Shows slum conditions such as damp walls, peeling wallpaper and lack of space
Limitation - only shows a house at Standburn

Source 4B

1 Houses are single storey, with brick walls and slate roofs. There is a mud road.

2 Yes. The houses look small, however, Source 4A is an attic dwelling. Housing conditions appear to be poor in both sources.

Source 5A

1 Houses had rhones added to carry away roof water.

2 There was a need for a plentiful supply of pure water
Houses needed to be larger to eliminate overcrowding

Source 5B

1 This house has an open coal fire. There is plenty of furniture and plenty of space. There is an electric light hanging from the ceiling. It has a large window allowing light and ventilation.
2 Source 4A only has a small window with only one pane opening. Source 5B has a large window. Source 4A is poorly decorated while 5B is well decorated. Source 5B looks clean while 4A looks dirty. Source 4A has a bed in the room, Source 5B does not.
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