Form PM3 (                           Interim Report2:










(To be submitted by Grantee with each grant drawdown application, or at intervals no greater than 3 months)



                                                                            Form PM3(Part 2-Capital)






Project Title:

Scottish Archive Network


Project Ref No:











Name of Grantee:

Scottish Archive Network




















As stated in the Monitoring Documents referred to in your Grant Contract, you are required to submit to NHMF a Progress Report with each grant drawdown application, or at maximum intervals of 3 months in the absence of an application,  reporting on how the project is progressing towards meeting the Approved Purposes.


The headings and format of the Report, addressing the principal monitoring criteria, are shown below. These headings and format must be followed, but you may prepare your Report using computer software incorporating spreadsheets as appropriate. All sections  (expanded in size as necessary) are to be completed fully on each monthly report. (Use supplementary sheets if necessary).


PM forms should be returned in hardcopy and must be completed fully. Failure to do so will delay processing your Grant














Report No:



Report Date:

19 Sept 2000













Covering Period:

August 2000









1.                   General Progress/ Programme and Project Objectives

Enter summary report on general progress towards achievement of the Approved Purposes identifying any problems or issues to which NHMF’s attention should be drawn. Note any actions proposed in response to problems or particular areas of risk.


The project is within budget and is scheduled to be completed on time.

See annex 1 for detailed progress and throughput reports.

See annex 2 for Project Board Minutes (08/08/00)









2.             Partnership Funding

Enter progress towards securing partnership funds


Source of Funding

Amount expected (A)

Amount received to date (B)

Balance to come A-B)

Date balance expected





Aug 2002





Aug 2002










Aug 2002








                Explain any changes to sources of Partnership Funding since the last Progress Report







3.             Change Control


Enter requests for any material change to the Approved Purposes  which have been approved by NHMF since the last Report and advise of any potential requests for such change in the future.


Description of Change Item

Date of request to NHMF

Date of  NHMF response

Effect on  achievement of Approved Purposes

Effect on Programme

Effect on Costs





























 Note: NHMF Approval is required for any material change to the Approved Purposes


                Report on any effect to delivery of the Approved Purposes of any cost transfer between the principal cost elements stated in your “Notification of Grant”. (Note: no such transfer is to be made between capital and revenue elements, or between VAT and any other cost element, without NHMF prior consent ).


Amount of cost transfer (£’000)

Cost transfer from (cost element):

Cost transfer to (cost element):

Effect on delivery of Approved Purposes























4.             Review of Design Drawings and Documentation


                Enter any design reviews or comments received from NHMF or its Project Monitors since your last report


Work element for which Design/Document review has been carried out

Date reviewed

NHMF/Project Monitor’s comments (if any)

























5.             Timetable/Programme


Enter progress compared with the agreed Timetable/Programme for key activities  

Grant Expiry Date:  


Key Activity or milestone

Planned completion date

Actual (or  currently forecast) completion  date



 See Annex 1









































Overall Project Completion 








6.             Expenditure on Approved Costs


a) Cost Control

Enter expenditure to date against the key items of  Approved Cost (i.e. the costs on which NHMF has agreed to pay the Payment Percentage) compared with that detailed in the pre-commencement documentation. (VAT and Contingencies to be separately identified).


Items of  Approved Cost

(Principal cost elements)

Approved  Costs to completion as agreed at award

Out-turn Costs as currently forecast



Planned  costs to date - as submitted with Form PM1


Actual costs to Date










Balance of costs 




 (A- C)








Internet Server





























































































                Note any significant changes to the apportionment of costs between the principal cost elements prior to their commitment. Note the effect of any such changes and confirm that they will not affect the Approved Purposes including expected quality.


Cost transfer from :

Cost transfer to:

Amount (£)

Effect of Transfer













                b) Cash Flow

                Enter the expected timing of expenditure of the total Balance (A-C) calculated above and the funding sources to cover the expenditure







To date

Next  Qtr

2nd Qtr

3rd Qtr

4th Qtr

5th Qtr


Total to


Expenditure of Approved Cost


Total of C above








Total of A above

Funded by:


















Other source (1)









Other source (2)









Other source (3)









Total Funding (to equal Expenditure of Approved Cost)
















7.            Procurement

Enter the current procurement status of any significant goods, works, or services currently being procured for the project, or awarded since the last Report. 



Services : brief description

Approx Value

EU procurement



No of tenderers

Date of tender return

Date of award

Selected Contractor/supplier/














































              Identify any goods/works/services not awarded to the lowest tenderer and provide reasons why the selected supplier/consultant/contractor offered best value for money.


8.             Property Ownership and Possession

                Note any evidence provided at the request of NHMF or the Project Monitor.


Property Description and evidence provided

Date evidence provided to NHMF








9.             Insurance


Enter the insurances you have effected:



Effective From Date

Expiry Date


Employer Liability Insurance



Computer Insurance




Office Insurance: Including Goods In Transit & Officers Liability Insurance.





10.          Appointment of  Staff  (Revenue Elements only, if any)


List the salaried staff  appointed (applicable to “Revenue” elements of project only) since your last Report and the total number of volunteers currently employed (if any). 


a)       Salaried Staff (Note: applicable only to staff whose salaries are included as Eligible Costs in the Approved project.






Date Appointed

Job Description sent to NHMF (Yes/No)

Media in which advert placed


Contract to NHMF (Yes/No)

Digital Imager



Scottish Exec News


















b)       Volunteer Staff 

The total number of Volunteer staff  employed at present is …………4…… (Details are provided with PM3 (Part1)


11.           Statutory Consents


Enter the status of the principal statutory consents required to complete the project


Consent Required

Granting Authority

Actual or expected date of consent





Listed Building




Scheduled Monument









12.          Publicity and Grant Acknowledgement


Enter displayed acknowledgement, press releases, or other publicity issued since the last report:



Date Issued

Approved by NHMF (Yes/No)

Displayed acknowledgement




Press Releases issued




Publicity issued









13.          Photographic Records



Confirm that you are making photographic records of the project                                              Y




















14.          Special Conditions


Indicate progress towards satisfying the Special Conditions (if any) noted in the Contract:



Special Condition

Target Date for  compliance

Current Status


See pages 10-16 inclusive of HLF/ SCAN contract 6 July 1999                                      






















Name of Grantee: Scottish Archive Network


Address: Thomas Thomson House, 99 Bankhead Crossway North, Edinburgh, EH11 4DX



Signed for Grantee: …Ishbel Barnes……………………………………………………..


Date:                                       …………19/09/00……………….




Annex 1 Sub Project Reports


Top Level Finding Aids Project

Alan Borthwick and Jo Peattie (plus Rob Mildren and Niall Taylor, IT staff) visited Lund on 3 and 4 August to discuss as much of the basic mechanics of the ARKIS II system as possible, with a view to the expected implementation of the system by SCAN.  We had had access to test versions of the system in advance, but needed to obtain knowledge of how all the individual components of the system fitted together.  This will allow any changes to the current way in which we capture data to be made soon, the better to allow simple migration of data from the current word-processed texts.  In the aftermath of the visit the IT staff in particular continued to develop their knowledge of how ARKIS works, in the hope of introducing a limited English-version prototype.


Visits, either formal or informal, were paid to: Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh; Heriot-Watt University Archives; Stirling University Library; and Stirling Council Archives.  Only in the latter is there any hope of TLFA creation work occurring this calendar year, as we have already made sufficient commitments in general for the rest of 2000.  Alan Borthwick also spoke to some cataloguing staff in the National Archives of Scotland with a view to working out a joint strategy for managing the NAS TLFA work, which will be the largest task faced by the TLFA project.  Further thought will have to be given to that later in the year.


TLFA creation continued for most of the current archives, including Jordanhill Library, NAS, Highland Council Archives, Aberdeen University Library Special Collections, and Orkney Archives.  Work on the latter two mostly comprised shell-entry creation using basic guides to the archives, which will then need to be fleshed out during visits to the archives, which are expected to take place shortly.  Jo Peattie more or less completed some very important work on devising TLFA entries for fonds commonly encountered at local authority archives, eg commissioners of supply records.  When complete they will be sent out to relevant archives for comment.  The hope is that these entries will be used as the basis for the Admin/Biog History element wherever the appropriate records are found, but leaving room for local variants if required.


The TLFA for the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow was quality checked during the month, and some minor final adjustments required to be made before it could be sent out for local comment.  Further TLFA entries for Angus and Perth and Kinross Archives were read, and some comments began to be received for sections of their TLFAs already sent out.  We were pleased to note that on the whole the archives involved were content with what they had seen.


All the staff were involved in the formal SCAN Strategy Review in mid-August.  Rachael Third and Jo Peattie each had over a week’s leave during the month.


The advert for John MacKenzie’s post appeared in mid-August.  Because the post will not be filled for perhaps a couple of months yet, there will be a spell of some weeks while the project cannot proceed as swiftly as expected.  The performance measures for the next month or two will be adjusted to take account of the shortfall.  Furthermore, we learned in the course of August that Rachael Third had been offered a post in another archive network project, which she accepted.  She is likely to leave SCAN at the end of September.  This will unfortunately make life worse in the short term, although it will be possible (all being well) to recruit her replacement off the same board used for the other current vacancy.



Special Archive Services Project
Gary Clelland, the new digital imaging technician for the Special Archive Services team, started in post on 7 August. Gary was given training in handling documents and photographs by both Peter Dickson and Dagmar Hinz from the Conservation team. Joanna Baird and Gary Clelland visited the Scottish Newspapers Microfilming Unit on 16 August. Gary attended a training course in Photoshop 5.5 on Thursday 24 August. Joanna and Gary visited General Register House on 29 August as part of an informal staff induction process.


Robin Urquhart visited the National Railway Museum in York on 1 and 29 August to discuss and research for the ‘North by Northwest exhibition’.  Robin also held a meeting with John Burnett from the National Museums of Scotland regarding the exhibition and possible links to the Scottish Life Archive.


Both Joanna Baird and Robin Urquhart attended the SCAN strategy review days from 10 to 11 August.


Joanna and Robin compiled images and text to give to the web design company, Multimedia, for the development of the exhibition ‘North by Northwest’.  Joanna created a booklet to publicise the exhibition in advance of the exhibition sponsors’ open day to be held on 4 September.


Robin Urquhart has been liaising with Bill Paton during the course of August regarding the final format of the Knowledge Base database.



Testaments Project

The Kodak Megaplus 6.3i camera ordered in July was delivered to site, together with lenses, frame grabber board and foot switch. This now awaits assembly once the copy stands and book cradles arrive. Meanwhile, preparations for the next round of camera procurement are well in hand. The camera identified as meeting our requirements most closely is the new Atmel Camelia 8M, a single shot camera with higher resolution than the Kodak Megaplus 6.3i (at a much lower price). The camera is fully software compliant and has been rigorously tested in trials at the GSU Europe technical laboratories, from whom Hazel Anderson has received regular reports. She expects to see the camera demonstrated by the GSU in early September.

In consultation with Hazel Rob Mildren has been developing a quality control programme for the digital images, which will randomly select a required percentage of images for inspection after the initial capture stage


On the curatorial side, work has continued on checking indexes and preparing the Aberdeen warrants (CC1/6) for conservation. The index to St Andrews testaments up to 1800 has been transposed from alphabetical into chronological order and Margaret Fox is checking its accuracy against selected original registers. This is a valuable preliminary exercise to checking index entries against digital images. Rob Mildren has also developed a new software programme for recording variant spellings of surnames to be used during the checking procedure.


Work on the conservation of the Edinburgh registers has been progressing well and is currently ahead of schedule. Proposals for conservation of the Aberdeen warrants are also progressing well. In light of the failure to recruit a third conservator arrangements have gone ahead to recruit a preservation assistant from within the Scottish Executive and the post was advertised on 30 August. Peter Dickson and Dagmar Hinz both gave archive handling training to Gary Clelland, the new digital imager for SAS.


The GSU volunteers completed work on the post-1823 registers for Aberdeen, Perth and Cupar and began work on the Dundee registers. Mr and Mrs McLaws finished their tour of duty and left at the end of the month. Their replacements and a further two volunteers are due to arrive in the second week of September.


All the Testaments team took part in two days of review and planning of the SCAN project. As a result, revised performance measures were agreed and compilation of statistics for these new measures is ongoing. Milestones relating to digital capture await agreement with the HLF on image resolution.

Throughput Reports

Special Archive Services



August 2000 – predicted

August - achieved

September 2000 - Predicted

Cumulative Totals

Topic Pages - drafted





FAQ’s - drafted





Topic Pagesquality controlled





FAQ’squality controlled





Palaeography texts and transcripts added





Palaeography tips added





‘Featured Documents’ added





Images created






The amount of completed work on the Knowledge Base was less than expected during August. However, resources were redirected to assimilating data sent by Glasgow & West of Scotland Family History Society (a member of the user’s group), which will enhance and speed up work on the places section of the Knowledge Base. In addition, more work than expected was required on the North by Northwest exhibition, in order to provide the designers with enough material to compile a prototype of the exhibition in preparation for the sponsors’ open day on 5 September.


As Gary Clelland only started in his post as digital imaging technician for Special Archive Services team on 7 August we have no imaging predictions for August 2000. The prediction for September is tentative and it is assumed that the correct equipment is in place and working.




August 2000- Predicted

August 2000 - Achieved

September 2000 - Predicted

Totals achieved

TLFA initial draft entries –drafted





TLFA initial draft entries  - quality controlled





TLFA entries  - revised within SCAN





TLFA entries –

agreed by SCAN and part. archive







August 2000



August 2000


August 2000


September 2000


Testaments registers SC1/37/44-70







Index entries created




Vols/Pages numbered








August 2000


August 2000


September 2000


Vols. assessed




Folios cleaned




Vols. paginated




Folios conserved








Vols. completed





At 31 August there were 462 volumes of the total of 2033 volumes ready for digital capture = 22.7% of the total.


These figures break down as follows:


Pre-1823 volumes: 83 completed (including conservation) out of 567  = 14.6%

Post-1823 volumes: 379 completed out of 1466 = 25.9%





Annex 2



Notes of Project Board Meeting

8 August 2000            10.00am


Attendees: Ishbel Barnes (Chair), Rob Mildren, George Mackenzie, Stuart Low (Minute Secretary).



      1.         Review of Work Plans


      1.1       It was agreed that the existing format for Project Board reports would continue until after the strategy review meeting on 10/11th August.


1. 2      Special Archive Services sub-Project


1.2.1     It was noted that Joanna would liase with the NAS regarding the award of the NAS website design contract to MMI. It was agreed that SCAN would place the order with MMI, on behalf of the NAS, and that a reasonable administration charge would be levied as a way of formalising the business transaction.


1.2.2     It was noted that agreement needs to be reached between SCAN and the NAS as to how digital images will eventually be linked to the electronic catalogues. As an interim solution it was proposed to use a system of reference numbers to keep track of any digital images made. It was also agreed that it might be best to organise imaging schedules around complete runs and Ishbel agreed to discuss this with both Joanna and Rosemary.


The sub-project work plans for both July and August were agreed and approved. 


1.3       Testaments


1.3.1    It was agreed that the throughput estimates and milestones for the Testaments sub-project should be recast at the strategy review on 10/11th August.


The sub-project work plans for both July and August were agreed and approved. 


1.4       Top Level Finding Aids sub-Project


1.4.1    It was agreed to discuss the construction of specific timetables for work carried out in each of the participating archives at the strategy review on 10/11th August.


The sub-project works plan for both July and August were agreed and approved.


2.         Procurement


2.2.1    It was confirmed that one complete camera station had been procured from Edit Ltd, although it was noted that the GSU were still discussing the issue of their software licence. It is expected to have a fully functioning camera station in place by the end of September.


2.2.2    It was noted that the ICT Internet connections would be in place by 22nd August and that Morse would install the Server and associated equipment after this date.


2.2.3    It was noted that Arkis 2 was still seen to be the best technical solution to SCAN’s needs, although a few problems had been identified. This mainly concerned translating the language used by both the labelling system and the core programming from Swedish to English.


3.         Staffing


3.1.1     It was noted that the Digital Imager, Mr Garry Clelland had taken up post on 7th August.


3.1.2     It was noted that it had now been agreed between SCAN and the NAS to appoint a Conservator Technician and that steps had been taken to progress this.


3.1.3     It was noted that SCAN had now requested a third archivist to appointed from the posts due to be advertised in the SoA Journal on 15th August.


            4.         Finance


4.1.1     A written report was tabled, of which an extract is attached.


5.         User Group Meeting


5.1        It was noted that the next meeting of the User Group would take place on Saturday 7th October at TTH between 10.45 and 3.00. It was confirmed that Agenda items had been requested. It was also noted that it was expected that the users would have the chance to test out some aspects of the website.


6.         Participating Archives Working Group Meeting


6.1        It was noted that the next meeting of the participating archives working group would take place on Tuesday 29th August at the NLS (Lawn market) at 10.00.


7.         SCAN Launch & Dissemination Campaign


7.1.1    A draft copy of the proposed dissemination campaign plan was tabled for discussion and approval. It was agreed that the campaign plan should be discussed at the HLF Monitoring meeting to gauge reaction. It was also agreed that monthly reports on dissemination activity should be tabled at future project boards. [Extract Attached].



The next Project Board meeting will be held on Wednesday 6th September at 10.00 in Thomas Thomson House, Bankhead Crossway North, Edinburgh.



8 August 2000



Scottish Archive Network

Finance Report as at 8 August 2000





1. HLF Drawdowns


1.1 The July drawdown for £27,489.05 submitted on 19 July is currently being assessed.


1.2 The advance request for £62,000 submitted to the HLF on 19 July with regard to the procurement of 1 digital camera and 3 bookcradles and associated equipment is currently being assessed.


1.3 The August drawdown is under preparation and should be submitted on 17 August with the monthly report for July.


Scottish Archive Network

Dissemination Campaign Plan




Step 1:            The objectives of the campaign are:


·        To raise the profile of the Scottish Archive Network (SCAN) amongst its relevant publics.


·        To present Archives in a fresh and appealing way, which promotes the accessibility and uniqueness of SCAN’s services and products to its targeted publics.


·        To promote SCAN’s Internet website as the first point of contact for those who might be interested in researching Scotland’s history.


·        To attract commercial sponsorship and advertising to ensure the continuation of the project after 2002.


·        To assist in the sales and marketing of SCAN’s services and products using a co-ordinated and consistent promotional theme.



Step 2:            Budget:


The budget allocation for dissemination activities has been fixed at TBA


Step 3:            Targeted Publics:


·        Archive Users – Public & Professional

·        Archivists

·        Genealogists

·        Tourists

·        Paleographers

·        Family & Local History Internet Users

·        Record Agents

·        Social Historians

·        Media Journalists


            Targeted User Organizations:


·        Academic & Educational Institutions

·        Information Providers

·        Digitization Agencies

·        Scottish Local History Forums

·        Scottish History Societies

·        Scottish Records Association

·        Society of Archivists

·        Society of Genealogists

·        NRA

·        Scottish Tourist Information Board

·        Media Organizations


Targeted On-Line Organizations:


·        Internet Search Engines

·        GENUKI

·        NewsGroups

·        BBC Online

·        Digitizing websites

·        Conservation News

·        Journal of Online Genealogy

·        Genealogical websites


·        Conservation News




·        Scottish market

·        U.K. market

·        North American market

·        Australasian Market


Step 4:            Research:


·        Investigate the needs and requirements of targeted users.


·        Evaluate the competition.


·        Identify superior aspects of SCAN products and services against market competition.


·        Identify marketing strategies and priorities.


·        Identify advertising and publicity strategies and priorities.


·        Identify potential sponsors and fundraising opportunities.


Step 5:            Strategies:


            1. Direct Marketing: - Advertising & promotion of products services.


·        CD-Rom based marketing/promotional media.

·        Customizing website to suit corporate clients specific requirements.

·        Participating Archives.

·        Mail shots & Flyer Inserts.

·        Internet advertising.



            2. Publicity: - Press Releases, Press Conferences and Interviews.


·        Print Media                       Radio Media                TV Media                  

·        Press Agencies                   National                      Terrestrial                    

·        International                        Regional                       Cable/Satellite

·        National Daily                     Local

·        National Sunday

·        Regional Daily

·        Regional Sunday

·        Local

·        Magazines/Journals

·        Historical & Genealogical Guides


·        Internet Media                             Other

·        Search Engines                               Participant Archives

·        Websites


            3. Promotion: - Design & Produce Promotional Material.


·        Publicity & Promotion Packs

·        Merchandise

·        Competitions


            4. Sponsorship & Fundraising:


·        Corporate Events

·        Exhibition Launches

·        Networking

·        Corporate Presentations

·        Grant Applications


Step 7:            Produce necessary material


Step 8:            Implementation


Step 9:            Campaign Supervision


Step 10:Assessment of Results


·        Maintain and monitor press cutting portfolio to show amount of editorial coverage gained.


·        Evaluate effectiveness of marketing and advertising strategies in terms of sales figures and website hits.


·        Evaluate effectiveness of sponsorship and fundraising activities in terms of revenue generation.


·        Evaluate campaign budget in relation to manpower, time and materials against product sales, web site hits and revenue generated.


SL 07/08/00