Report to Heritage Lottery Fund

June 1999    

Report No 4




Issue 99/1  Contracts

The contract had not been signed  the end of the month,  but was signed by the company on 5 July and by the HLF on 6 July.  This issue is therefore resolved.


Issue 99/2 Request from Participant Archives on Finding Aids



Issue 99/3 Cashflow

This issue was discussed at the meeting with HLF evaluators at the meeting on 2 June and proposals were made for resolving it by bringing forward expenditure from other categories.  Details are in the report of the meeting, which is annexed to this report. The matter should, however, be kept under review.  


Issue 99/4  ICT Report

Following the meeting on 7 April,  Rob Mildren and Seamus Ross discussed the report, and further comments on it were promised.  These have not been received. 


No other issues have been identified at this time.




Top Level Finding Aids


The detailed sub-project plan for the TLFAs was completed.  There were informal contacts with a couple of the participating archives who wished comments on how SCAN would compile TLFAs, so as to assist those participating archives with identifying IT needs.


Special Archive Services Project

The detailed sub-project plan for Special Archive Services was completed. Team leader Joanna Baird has begun work on designing the prototype for the Scottish Archive Network web-site.  And, working towards this, she has also been learning about digital imaging and how to use software packages such as Microsoft FrontPage and Adobe Photoshop. Suggestions in the weekly news for contributions to the SCAN web-site from participating archives have resulted in some useful suggestions.



Testaments Project

The detailed sub-project plan for Testaments was completed. Team leader, Hazel Anderson, has started work on the testaments, checking them against existing index entries, prior to having the indexes re-keyed for the database.

Peter Dickson, chief conservator, has been using the newly designed database in assessing the testaments and proposing treatment required prior to digital capture. As a result, the number of fields in the database has been reduced and a glossary of conservation terms added,  in order to streamline the pre-conservation process.

Preparations for withdrawal of the St Andrews testaments from reader use early in August are well in hand, in consultation with Reader Services Branch.






Throughput Reports


The revised reporting methodology was incorporated in the revised Project Initiation Document, sent to the evaluators and HLF on 18 June.  The new methodology will now be instituted, subject to any comments from HLF or evaluators.




With contract signature now completed, the first drawdown request of £125,499.40 is being made. 


As previously agreed, year one of project implementation will start on the day following the day the contract comes into force (i.e. on 7 July 1999).  All costs incurred up to that point will be charged to year 0.





Total Staff Employed at month end


New Appointments


Posts backfilled





Recruitment of two conservators from outside NAS is now expected on 2 August and 14 September respectively.


The press advertisements for 5 curatorial posts appeared on 2 July.  Closing date for applications is 16 July.




No procurement during the reporting period.  No procurement is possible until the ICT report has been approved (see Issue 99/4).


Participating Archives


No of Participating Archives at month end


Changes since last report




Statistics on Use of Network Facilities

Nothing to report



Nothing to report


Project Board


No meetings held.







13 July  1999                       

Annex 1

Notes of Meeting with HLF, TTH, 2 June 1999


Present: Henrietta Ryott, Mike Smethurst, Seamus Ross, Beverley Peters,  Chris Alexander, HLF; Ishbel Barnes, Rob Mildren, SCAN, George MacKenzie, NAS.






1.1 Contracts.  

a.  Participating Archives-SCAN.  Noted that reference to Heritage Lottery Fund in drafts should be to National Heritage Memorial Fund.  Agreed that a schedule of minimum equipment requirements should be drawn up by SCAN, and the advice of Tods Murray sought on whether this should be in the agreement or a document apart.

Agreed that the Project Initiation Document should be used for project definition; Beverley will check that this is consistent with the main contract between HLF and SCAN.

Agreed that the requirement on participating archives to retain equipment (Schedule, clause 4) should have no time specified - this should be as agreed with SCAN. 

b. GSU-SCAN.  Noted that in 6.1 the consent of SCAN will mean the consent of more than one director of the company.

c. HLF-SCAN  Beverley had reviewed points with Lavinia.  Grant Expiry date is OK.  Access to the property clause is a standard one, which HLF are not prepared to vary; it is implicit that access is reasonable and to the appropriate parts of the premises only.  SCAN will therefore accept this.  Insurance is a requirement of the agreement, and SCAN confirms that it can and will insure against employer liability, public liability, and loss or damage to equipment.  The requirement for SCAN to conclude an escrow agreement was noted.    

Agreed the following timetable for finalising the contracts:

by Friday 4 June final version of NAS-SCAN agreements will be e-mailed to Beverley;  SCAN will also follow up GSU agreement;

by Friday 11 June HLF will respond with final comments on the agreements (if no GSU final version available, will base on the latest version);

by 22 June SCAN will produce final versions of all agreements,  arrange for signature of NAS-SCAN and GSU-SCAN and provide copies to HLF;  SCAN will also sign HLF-SCAN and present to HLF;

on 24  June HLF Trustees will sign HLF-SCAN.


1.2  Participating Archives Assistance with Finding Aids.  No further comments have been received, so this will be considered resolved by the next meeting. 

1.3  Cashflow.  HLF do not see a problem in helping SCAN overcome the forecast difficulties, though it will require special permission, as it involves a change to the normal rules.  Advance payments can be made on staff salaries and items of “other costs” provided that details are given, and that documentation is supplied retrospectively. 

1.4  ICT Report  The delay was recognised, and Seamus will meet with Rob immediately after this meeting to discuss the report.  (Agreed that Seamus will report to Mike on Thursday 3 June). 

1.5  Responses to Proposals.  SCAN noted the lack of responses to various questions and proposals.  Agreed that Beverley will in all cases ensure a reply is sent within 2 weeks, though in some cases this may be a holding reply, indicating when a substantive reply will be sent. 












































Progress Report

2.1  TLFAs  Agreed to send copies of the materials Alan Borthwick used in his workshop session to Mike for information.

2.2  Special Archive Services  Noted.

2.3  Testaments Agreed to send a copy of the conservation assessment for St Andrews Commissariot to Beverley and to Mike.  Seamus advises contact with Manfred Thaller at University of Bergen on digitising; Seamus will provide an e-mail contact














Copies of Gantt charts on the Special Archive Services were tabled.  Mike and Seamus stressed the need for detailed resource information, and milestones that include definable deliverables.

Similar charts for the other project areas will be produced as part of the PID.  These will be sent electronically to Beverley, who will print and distribute them (Seamus and Mike cannot handle MS Project documents in electronic format).

Agreed that project projections would be included in the monthly report, showing progress against plans, and any under or over performance. 


















SCAN will provide invoices to document requests for drawdown.  A monthly print out from the SCOAP system, showing expenditure on the project will be produced, as a means of reconciling payments.  SCOAP prints are generally at least one month in arrears.










Nothing further to report.









No procurement to date.  See 1.4 above.





Participating Archives

No  changes.







Statistics on Use

Nothing to report.








Nothing to report.








Project Board

Noted that the first meeting will take place once the PID has been agreed by the HLF.  Agreed that the revised version will be submitted by SCAN to HLF by 18 June and that HLF will respond by mid-July.

Following discussions at the PRINCE training course, the Board membership will be kept to a minimum.





Next Meeting  

13.00 on 11 August 1999 at Thomas Thomson House.