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Photograph of Aviemore station

A train is despatched at Aviemore in 2002. [National Railway Museum: reference LT020483]. This is one of over 120 images about the Highland Mainline added in July 2003.

What's new?
The first part of North by Northwest was launched on the SCAN website in November 2000, comprising the National Railway Museum's images of the Kyle Line, taken between 1997 and 1999. These featured in the travelling photographic exhibition, Connections to the Kyle.

5 June 2001 saw the addition of modern images from the Far North Line, under the title By Firth and Flow. On the same day, old photographs and historical documents from archives throughout Scotland and from the National Railway Museum in York were added to the Highland Railways section. This material illustrates the effect of the railways on places and people in the Highlands from the 1860ís to the present day.

On 23 July 2003 a new exhibition was added, looking at people and places on the Highland Mainline, from Perth to Inverness. The exhibition is called The Highland Link. This marks the completion of the current North By Northwest exhibition on the SCAN website.

Decisions about the long term future of SCAN exhibitions, including North By Northwest, will be made towards the end of 2003. If you want to comment on the North By Northwest exhibition get in touch with SCAN via the contact page. For more exhibitions on railways visit the website of the National Railway Museum.