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Source 2B is a page from the ABC Tourist Guide for 1907, advertising the Spa Hotel Strathpeffer.

Strathpeffer was famous for its water which was supposed to be very good for the health. People travelled there to drink the water.


1. Make a list of the activities the Spa Hotel offered.

2. Tick the items on your list which are also shown in Source 2A

3. What evidence is there that this hotel advertised itself as a "healthy" place to stay.

4. What activity did it advertise which we now think is very unhealthy?

5. What evidence is there that lots of people came to this hotel?
ABC Tourist Guide, 1907
National Archives of Scotland - BR/ TT(S)/3/2/10
Courtesy of the British Railways Board (Residuary) Ltd
Fine Dining, Drawing, Smoking, Billiards and Recreation Rooms

Bedroom and Private Sitting Room Electric Light and Perfect Sanitation
Excellent Cuisine Invalid Dietary, including "Salisbury," a Speciality Milk & Sour Cream from our own adjacent Dairy Farm
Salmon and Trout Fishing in River and Loch. Close to splendid Golf Course. Tennis Court and Croquet Lawn. Motor Garage, and Cars on Hire (Petrol, &c. supplied.) Officially Appointed by S.A.C. Saddle, &c., Horses, and carriages of all kinds.
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