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Source 4B is part of a report by the Sanitary Inspector for the County of Forfar in 1891. They are discussing improvements to the removal of refuse.

Study the document and answer the following questions.


For questions 1-3, read pages 13 and 14 of the report. For questions 4 & 5, read page 15.

1. Who should be responsible for the removal of refuse and the contents of ashpits?

2. How often should refuse be removed?

3. Who should be responsible for public privies and water closets?

4. What do Edzell, Southmuir and Kirriemuir have in common?

5. How useful is Source 4B for investigating improvements to public health in Scotland in the late 19th century?
Sanitary Inspector's report page 13

Sanitary Inspector's report, page 14

Sanitary Inspector's report, page 15
Sanitary Inspector's Report for the County of Forfar, 1891
National Archives of Scotland - HH62/1
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