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Source 1A is part of a report written by R.H. Franks on the employment of children in mines. It was produced in 1842.

Study the document and answer the following questions.


1. Read about Janet Cumming in paragraph 20. How long did Janet work in the mine each day?

2. How heavy was the creel that Janet carried?

3. Did Janet Cumming enjoy her job? Give evidence to support your answer.

Read about Isabella Read in paragraph 21.

4. What made Isabella fall asleep while working?

5. Why was it uncomfortable for Isabella to work underground?

Read about Agnes Moffat in paragraph 22.

6. How does the evidence of Agnes Moffat agree with that of Janet Cumming and Isabella Read?
Royal Commission on Children's Employment  evidence
Glasgow City Libraries and Archives - Report of the Commissioners on Children's Employment (Mines) 1842.
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